Born and raised in the Swedish city of Gothenburg, Elaine Da Silva is an up and coming artist with roots and background in several corners of the world. Her parents, from the Cape Verde Islands, leave deep footprints on the vibe and rhythms found in her music. “Nha Vos É Nos Vos” - in English, “My Voice is Our Voice” – is the mantra by which Elaine lives every day of her life. Elaine views herself as a nomad - driven by sharing her influences from different cultures and music through her unique sound. As a lyricist, Elaine unveils her joyful life journeys and positivity, while bringing social and cultural issues to light. She blends the thoughts and feelings shared by many in a musical brew of Cape Verdean culture, Jazz and NeyoSoul.  Needless to say, her music is guaranteed to take you to new places.

At the age of 5, Elaine discovered music in the comfort of her living room where she would impersonate her favorite artists including Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Cesaria Evora, Stevie Wonder, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone. At the age of 12, Elaine began competing in local talent shows and would consistently walk away with a 1<sup>st</sup> place trophy and an exuberant smile. While Elaine has never stopped performing, she only began pursuing music professionally in 2011. Elaine spent the last two years performing throughout Southern California including a performance at the world famous House of Blues.

Elaine is in the process of recording her debut EP in London. Entitled, “Nos Vos” (“Our Voice”), this collection of songs is a tribute to her heritage and her future. Elaine has channeled inspiration through encounters with people from all walks of life and a myriad of experiences. With plans to move to London in 2013, Elaine is excited to share her new music, perform in new cities, and continue her growth as an artist. 

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